High Quality Indoor Shutters

Indoor shutters, or more often called plantation shutters, are sturdy permanent shutters that can be easily adjusted to let the perfect amount of light into your space. Forget struggling with unsightly, tangled cords, breaking pieces off plastic blinds, or busting a hole in fragile cloth blinds, indoor shutters are the most durable, and long-lasting solution for indoor light control.

Fully Custom

From regular windows to door entries, we custom-fit every shutter to your interior space.

Lifetime Warranty

We stand by our products and want to always deliver the best to our customers. That’s why we have a lifetime warranty on all our products.

Choose Your Look

We offer three different louver sizes for the perfect look you want to achieve.

The ability to control the amount of light into a space is key to the look and feel of a space. Whether you want it to be lively, tranquil, or a serious mood, our indoor shutters allow for your own full control of the light in your living spaces.

Benefits of Indoor Shutters

Best Light Control Solution

The amount of sunlight that enters into a space can greatly adjust the energy usage to heat or cool it. Whether it be opening the shutter doors to let the maximum amount of light in during the winter, or keeping the shutters closed more during the summer, our indoor shutters can help reduce energy costs and keep your house temperature comfortable.

Energy Efficient

Our indoor shutters are made from high-quality wood making them long-lasting. In addition, indoor shutters are an elegant addition to any room, and never go out of style. They can be painted or stained to cater towards the feel of any room. We even offer repainting services for an already installed shutter if you wish to change the design of your space.

Classy and Enduring Design

Our indoor shutters are very low maintenance. They can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth if there is any dust. Forget washing curtains or feather dusting plastic blinds.

Easy to Clean

The investment of indoor shutters is an easy way to add value to your interior. Potential buyers will definitely value the high-quality shutters.

Add Value to Your Home

Indoor shutters are an easy fix to keep outside noise out. When fully shut, they are a great natural sound barrier and help establish a tranquil interior and significantly better sleep.

Keep Noise Out

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